Stage 1 Enhancement Detail

Our stage 1 enhancement detail is just about everything you need to bring the finish of your car up to a glorious standard by removing all of the small defects and hugely enhancing the overall finish of the vehicle. We machine polish everything to bring the paintwork up to a beautiful standard before then treating the vehicle with an array of products tailored specifically to the vehicle as to ensure the best possible result.


Difference from Gloss Enhancement: Full stage 1 machine polish, much more durable, glossy and reflective wax, wheels clay barred and cleansed before sealment.

What’s Included

  • Citrus Pre-wash
  • PH neutral Snow Foam Bath
  • Non-acidic wheel bath (faces and inners)
  • Arches cleaned
  • Luxury 2 bucket method wash (Lambs Wool Mitt & PH Neutral Shampoo)
  • Tar removed
  • Iron-x Applied to remove all fall out & contaminates
  • Nano Gloss Booster Applied
  • Plush Micro-fibre Patt Dry
  • All surfaces Clay Barred
  • Paint Work Cleansed
  • Pre-Wax Gloss Enhancing Glaze applied
  • Wax application (1 coat)
  • Wheels sealed (Collonite No.845)
  • Glass Sealant applied (Rain-X water repellant)
  • Plastics conditioned
  • Wheel arches conditioned
  • Door shuts hand polished & waxed
  • Tyres conditioned & dressed
  • Chrome Detailing polished & waxed

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