MA Auto Care Master Overhaul Detail

Our master overhaul detail is our absolute pride and joy here at MA Auto Care. We spend at least 12 hours labouring over your vehicle leaving it looking better than when it was first collected with 95-99% perfect paintwork and an incredibly deep glossy shine that you really do need to see to believe.

(Prices may vary, depending on size & condition of vehicle)

What’s Included
  • Citrus Pre-wash
  • PH neutral Snow Foam Bath
  • Non Acidic wheel bath (faces and inners)
  • Arches cleaned
  • Luxury 2 bucket method wash (Lambs Wool Mitt & PH Neutral Shampoo)
  • Engine bay full Detail
  • Tar removed – Auto Smart Tardis
  • Iron-x applied to remove all fall out & contaminates
  • Nano Gloss Booster Applied
  • Plush Micro-fibre Patt Dry
  • All surfaces Clay Barred
  • 1 Stage machine polish – Full car machine polished with a finishing pad and polish. Depending on body work surface condition.
  •  2 Stage machine polish with a strong cutting compound – any imperfections left will be worked on until the paintwork is at its maximum potential
  • Paint work cleansed (Cleansing Polish, removes everything left, back to fresh paintwork)
  • Pre-Wax Gloss Enhancing Glaze applied
  • Wax application (a much more durable wax, also chosen especially for that car, x2 coats)
  • Wheels Clay Barred & cleansed
  • Wheels sealed (Gtechniq C5)
  • Glass sealant applied (Gtechniq G5 water repellent)
  • Plastics conditioned
  • Wheel arches conditioned
  • Door shuts hand polished & waxed
  • Tyres conditioned & dressed
  • Chrome Detailing polished & waxed
  • Full interior detail
  • All fabric cleaned
  • Fabric Guard applied (Stain Guard & Liquid Repellent)
  • All leather cleaned and conditioned

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