Gloss Enhancing Protection Detail

Our gloss enhancing protection detail is perfect for vehicles that have been previously treated. We work to bring the car up to the standard of its previous detailing and we even include a coating of our most durable gloss enhancing wax for good measure. This treatment also comes highly recommend for someone wanting to enhance their vehicle to a high standard whilst on a budget. The results from a full clay bar treatment, cleansing polish and wax alone overcome that of any valet, let alone alongside the rest we offer with our gloss enhancing protection detail.

(Prices may vary, depending on size & condition of vehicle)

What’s Included
  • Citrus Pre-wash
  • PH neutral Snow Foam Bath
  • Non-acidic wheel bath (faces and inners)
  • Arches cleaned
  • Luxury 2 bucket method wash (Lambs Wool Mitt & PH Neutral Shampoo)
  • Tar removed
  • Iron-x applied to remove all fall out & contaminates
  • Nano Gloss Booster Applied
  • Plush Micro-fibre Patt Dry
  • All surfaces Clay Barred
  • Paint work cleansed
  • Pre-Wax gloss enhancing glaze applied
  • Wax application (1 coat)
  • Wheels sealed (Collonite No.845)
  • Glass sealant applied (Rain-X water repellant)
  • Plastics conditioned
  • Wheel arches conditioned
  • Door shuts hand polished & waxed
  • Tyres conditioned & dressed
  • Chrome Detailing polished & waxed

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