Detailing Services

Here is a list of our current detailing packages. If you think that none of these are right for you, please feel free to contact us to have a bespoke detailing package tailored to your vehicles needs.

Gloss Enhancing Protection Detail

Our gloss enhancing protection detail is perfect for vehicles that have been previously treated. We work to bring the car up to the standard of its previous detailing and we even include a coating of our most durable gloss enhancing wax for good measure. This treatment also comes highly recommend for someone wanting to enhance their vehicle to a high standard whilst on a budget. The results from a full clay bar treatment, cleansing polish and wax alone overcome that of any valet, let alone alongside the rest we offer with our gloss enhancing protection detail.

New Car Protection Detail

Some people may wonder, why get a Brand New Car detailed? Unfortunately buying a brand new car doesn’t necessarily mean that it is completely defect free, or even ready and protected for the open elements for that matter. When you originally buy your car from the dealers they will offer you there own kind of protection which is usually applied wrongly, using the wrong methods, due to the poorly trained valeters applying it.

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Winter Protection Detail

With the freezing cold winter being such a harsh couple of months on your vehicle, autum is the ideal time to get your vehicle booked in for a complete winter protection plan. Block out all the harsh elements such as Frost, Snow and the worst thing of all, SALT!

This package is tailored and altered to every vehicle to make sure that the worst time of the year is absolutely no issue at all.

Protection Plus Detail

The Protection Plus Detail is designed to give your vehicle the absolute most protection possible so that it is protected against anything you throw at it. This will cover everything from your Paintwork, Glass, Wheels, Rubbers/Plastics all the way down to your interior fabrics. Not only will this amazing package completely protect your car, it will give it an extremely glossy wet look which in most cases will surpass new.

Stage 1 Enhancement Detail

Our Stage 1 Enhancement Detail is almost everything you need to bring the finish of your car up to a glorious standard by removing all of the small defects and hugely enhancing the overall finish of the vehicle. We machine polish the paintwork up to a beautiful standard before treating the vehicle with an array of products tailored specifically to the vehicle as to ensure the best possible result.

MA Auto Care Master Overhaul Detail

Our Master Overhaul Detail is our absolute pride and joy here at MA Auto Care. We spend at least 12 hours labouring over your vehicle leaving it looking better than when it was first collected. With 95-99% perfect paintwork and an incredibly deep glossy shine that you really do need to see to believe, this takes paint correction to a whole other level.

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