Wheel Sealant

Our extremely durable high gloss protective wheel sealant was especially chosen by us to give superb protection for wheels, this will keep them protected from the harsh environment that we live in and brake dust. Our fantastic wheel sealant will give a fantastic coating to Aluminium, Coated, Painted and even Chrome Wheels.

Brake dust mixed with the harsh elements can attack our wheels a lot more than you may think, within months of no sealant wheels can start to corrode, this leaves the price of getting your wheels sealed a lot cheaper than a full new set! Rim sealant is applied like you would with any Wax/Sealant, buff to a high gloss shine and leaves a layer of protection behind that dirt, brake dust, Tar, Moisture and oxidisation simply cant penetrate.

These Audi S4 wheels have been subject to the finest wheel sealant and should stay perfectly sealed for a minimum of 6 months.

Wheels Sealed | MA Auto Care | Valeting & Detailing | Sunderland

Wheels Sealed Audi S4 | MA Auto Care | Valeting & Detailing | Sunderland | Tyne & Wear


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