Applying our special formula wax to a vehicle is something that we take great pride in and so we source our wax direct from brands that we believe in as their properties and performance far outshine their competition. We specifically use carnauba based wax from the Brazilian rainforest for its natural qualities that, with upkeep, allow it to protect your paint work from potential damage such as from UV rays, acid rain and from its surrounding environment i.e. stone chips and scratches. Of course, this is only half of the story with a wax finish; glossing over the shine, depth of colour and intense wet look that our products offer to bring your car even closer to that elusive head turning finish.

We understand that some of our customers really do want to go the extra mile whilst investing in their vehicle and here at MA Auto Care we have that covered. Our premium sealant treatment is the literal next level in paintwork protection; offering both intense levels of protection and high long lasting durability. Used in conjunction with our special carnauba formula wax treatment, nothing else really comes close in terms of bringing your vehicle to its maximum potential; offering peak physical protection and a perfect finish.

Waxes we have available:                                                                            Sealants we have available:

  • Auto Glym – High Definition Wax
  • Collonite – No. 845
  • Dodo Juice – Supernatural Hybrid (Mix between wax & sealant)
  • Dodo Juice – Orange Crush
  • Dodo Juice – Purple Haze Professional
  • Dodo Juice – Light Fantastic
  • Sonax – Brilliant Shine Detailier
  • The Chemical Guys – Jetseal 109
  • Dodo Juice – Supernatural Hybrid (Mix between wax & sealant)
  • cQuartz – Reload
  • Gtechniq – C2 Crystal Laquer

MA Auto Care - Detailing Wax Beading

Beading Post to Wax Application

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